A Playmaker is…

A Playmaker is not afraid of rejection or put-downs. We are brought up to believe that “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” but Playmakers know damn well that’s just a song we chant to children. Adults can be brutal.

When a Playmaker trips up, the first thing they do is check for damage. With their bones intact, they dust themselves off, ready to play again.

Over time, a Playmaker goes from leaping over muddy puddles on the way to work to crossing different worlds on the same office floor, bringing ideas and people together.

A Playmaker has the heart of a lion without needing to roar out loud. They hear the roar in their head when they are mad, sad or glad.

A Playmaker does one thing a day that scares them, all the while living and breathing the Playmaker Values. How will you scare yourself today?

About portiatung

Play coach, storyteller, wishmaker and Founder of The School of Play www.theschoolofplay.org
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