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Where to start with Playmaking?

Playmaking is a great tool for problem solving. By adopting a playful mindset, we set aside our inhibitions and make room for creativity and innovation. Ezra Pound, a famous American poet once said, great poetry “makes things new”. By that … Continue reading

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What is Playmaking?

Playmaking is the act of transforming work through play. It’s play with a purpose, what I call “Deliberate Play”. It’s a simple idea that requires a desire for fun, great courage and respect for people. Why is Playmaking important? We … Continue reading

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Welcome Playmakers!

The Power of Play – Making Good Teams Great  Following the success of introducing the concept of Playmaking into the workplace at this year’s Oredev in Malmö, Sweden, this marks the start of a movement for incorporating more play into … Continue reading

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