Make 2015 Your Year of Play

Play at Work

The Meaning of Life

Did you know that in Chinese, the word “business” is made up of two characters that translate to “meaning” and “life”?

Given that we spend more than 70% of our waking hours doing work or work-related activities, don’t you wish we could all make more of our meaning of life?

Come join me in an interactive presentation on Play to help take you and your team from good to great:

And if you can’t make it, don’t despair! You can watch the talk here filmed at Agile Cambridge 2014 and download the presentation complete with speaker notes to share with your colleagues and friends so that we can all make our work more meaningful.

What do Playmakers say? “Play once a day to keep the doctor and priest away!”

About portiatung

Play coach, storyteller, wishmaker and Founder of The School of Play
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